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Paige williams


Does drinking milk really improve your eyesight?

I heard that drinking more milk can help improve eyesight. IS that true? How they help improve eyesight?
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  • Charles Joseph


    Actually, milk contains essential nutrition that we need everyday, such as, protein, amino-acid, calcium, vitamin. Within which, vitamin A and B are really important for improving your eyesight. By the way, there are many other foods that are good for your eyes, as follows: 1. The food contains vitamin A and carotene; 2. The food contains V C; 3. Calcium is a good choice; and 4. Protein, the main part of cellular. Now, you get your answer! PS. The movement of eye balls can also do you a favor.
  • Hunter jackson


    The milk containing a lot of protein, vitamine A and so on has good function on health which may indirectly have good influence on the eyes. However, about the saying of drinking milk improves the eyesight, it is not true with exact evidences. But it has good role on health. Thus your eyes may get benefited.
  • Carlos


    It could be helpful for keeping your eye sight instead of improving them. Milk is full of nutrition that our body requires to operate properly. It contains various vitamins for red blood cells, such as vitamin A, which is essential for keeping eye health. And it has a large number of rare mineral, for example, potassium is good for nervous system, protein is good for growth and healing process. These mineral can protect eyes to prevent some serious eye disorders.
  • Jimmy


    A healthy diet helps you to have a healthy body. Such as Carrots are good for the eyesight, but I think milk does not have "eye magic" in it.