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What are the best colored contacts for green eyes?

I want to buy colored contact lenses to enhance my look. And i have green eyes. Can you recommend me some? What colored contact lenses will best suit me?
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  • big john


    More and more people use the colored contact lenses as the accessory to enhance their looks by making eyes look big and attractive. If your eyes are originally green, I think the dark black color will make it look mysterious because of the inner grounding color. At the same time, the black color will make it look bigger and attractive.
  • campbell


    As you have the green eyes, the green contacts will suit you the most. This is the most natural way for you to choose. However, I guess you must be fair-skinned. For this kind of skin, all the bright colored lenses will suit you, if you feel boring about your original eyes color. Why not try purple, it is mysterious; try blue, it is full of passionate feeling; try brown, it seems give you innocent and pure feeling. What color is the most favorite for your appetite? It depends on yourself!