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What are the best colored contacts for hazel eyes?

I want to buy a pair of color contact lenses. And I have a hazel eyes. Can you give me suggestions on choosing colored contact lenses? What are the best colored contact lenses for me?
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  • Sara


    From the consideration of the same color series, the chocolate color may be the most suitable one for your eyes. The hazel color belongs to the dark color series. Added with the chocolate colored contact lenses, your eyes will look mysterious and attractive.You could have a try and see the effect. Or you may go to the eyeglasses store and see the sample firstly.
  • Alexia charles


    If you want to try different eye color while still looking natural, you are supposed to choose contact lenses in gray or green, and a translucent color is much better. Since your natural eye color is hazel, your eyes are too dark for translucent blue lenses I think, why don't you try the translucent green. And if your skin is dark, maybe you can have a new look with bright-colored lenses. To be honest, why don't you visit the contact store, and try on different colors to see what is the best color that suits you.

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