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What color contact lenses would look good on black people?

I am a typical black people. Now, i am here to ask some suggestions on choosing colored contact lenses. Can you tell me what colors of contact lenses would look good on me?
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  • ctc_youth


    In my opinion, the chocolate color of contact lenses will match with people with all skin. The color of chocolate will be attractive, making the eyes have the mysterious feeling. However, the dark blue ones will also match with the typical black people. You could go to the eyeglasses store and have a try which may you the direct answer after wearing them.
  • walkinginstars


    I suggest you wear black contact lenses or brown contact lenses. Since you have black skin, bright colored contact lenses will make your look strange. But black contact lenses can make you look more energetic and attracting. If you don't want to wear black contact lenses, you can try dark brown contact lenses. But you shall avoid blue contact lenses especially light blue contact lenses.