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Carlos quick


Can i wear polarized sunglasses to a 3d movie?

Is it OK to wear polarized sunglasses when i see 3D movie? Why or why not?
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    Nope, you could not use polarized sunglasses to watch 3D movies. Because polarized sunglasses are designed to reduce the glare from bright surface, like water, snow. They are highly useful for sports, driving to see more clearly to aviod potential danger. There is no any glare when you are watching 3D movie in a dark room. Hence, you could not see any 3D image from your sunglasses. However, some 3D movies also utilize polarizing glasses. Usually one lens is horizontally polarized and the other one is vertically polarized, so that each eye sees a slightly different version of the movie screen.
  • comingoutloud


    Why you do that? I think you needn't wear polarized sunglasses because there are special 3D eyeglasses for 3D movie. And polarized sunglasses are made to shield eyes from in sun from intensive sunshine and glares. They are different from 3D eyeglasses to help enjoy clear image of movie. So, just use them in the right occasion and in a right way.
  • hill


    The polarized sunglasses are usually used by drivers or the fishers to protect the eyes from the strong sunlight. They can filter the damaging lights and reflect them from the surface. However, when you see 3d movies, there will be the professional 3d goggles for watching 3d movies. You'd better wear 3d glasses.