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Does dani filth wear contacts?

It looks horrible. What type of contact lenses does he wear?
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  • clozco


    Well, as you can see, Dani Filth is a member of one of the most famous heavy medal music bands in Britain. And his eyes always appear to be very horrible and crazy. I am quite interested in those type of persons. Anyway, the type of contact lenses he would like to wear is called crazy special contact lenses which could give your desired effects. They are available at Alibaba and eBay, just have a look at them.
  • Bernadette Korey


    Many people see dani filth wearing ones with very light blue and ones that are with red and white and lots more colors. If you want to buy one, you could go to the to have a search there are many tons of cool contacts. You could also go to the near eyeglasses store to have a look.

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