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What to do if I get hit in the eye with a ball?

I was hit in the eye when i was playing basketball this afternoon. I can feel the eye that got hit. Any way to relieve my eye hurt?
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  • cliffistheshit


    Firstly after you got hit, if there are any bloods or trauma, you should cover your injured eye with ice. The ice will help you relieve the pain. After that, if your injured eye gets some problem such as red eye or itchy eye, you can use some anti-inflammation drops to avoid infection. During this time, you should try not over use your eyes. If the symptoms do not seem to disappear, you must go to hospital for a comprehensive check as soon as possible.
  • chatter_box505


    If your eyes are bloodshot or shed tears or there has been a significant decline in your eyesight, then your eyes are in bad condition. Guidance: You can stick potato slices on your eyes, or use egg rolling massage. A good rest is the most important thing. If it gets worse, you need to use anti-inflammatory drugs or use eyedrops will be good for recovering. After doing all of above and your eyes are not cured, you need go to hospital immediately.

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