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May Yong


Can anyone explain what is eye photophobia?

My eyes are often sensitive to the light.I guess I have photo-phobia. What is photophobia? Any tips on how to deal with it?
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  • cherrytop7


    When you in the sunlight or encounter a bright light, your eyes will be sensitive to light and feel uncomfortable, the normal reaction is that you may narrow your eyes or use other items to shelter from sunlight, in order to relieve eye irritation. But some people may feel uncomfortable in the ordinary light, we can call this situation photophobia. The common reason for photophobia is inflammatory response. It includes keratitis, corneal foreign body, etc. In this situation, you should go to the hospital and have an examination. In addition, people with dry eyes can also have this symptom. Due to the lack of adequate tears to moisten, it will be sensitive to external situation. You can use artificial tears under the instructions of physician. Some non-inflammatory eye disease can also cause photophobia, such as albinism, iris disorder, etc. If it is caused by these diseases, you should have pharmacotherapy or surgery.
  • dale


    The eye photophobia is an eye disorder, which is uncomfortable and painful for those people who are extreme sensitivity to any kind of light. That is to say, people could get the eye photophobia due to too much light entering the eyes. The iris controls the light of entering the eyes.
  • Mya harris


    When you take a walk in the open air, you feel your eyes are uncomfortable and are afraid of the light. Especially in the place which the light is so strong, your eyes are painful and start tearing, even can not open your eyes. The reaction for normal person is narrowing eyes or squinting their eyes to reduce eye discomfort phenomenon, for the people with eyes photophobia, in the ordinary light, they will feel unwell, and we can say these people have photophobia.
  • Stacy


    Eye photophobia is an intolerance of light. When you are exposed in strong light or sunshine, you eyes can not adapt to the light. So you get squinting or have other things cover them to reduce this kind of uncomfortable feeling. But some other people also feel uncomfortable when they are in normal light. We say these are the eye photophobia symptoms. If you really have these symptoms, you should see a doctor and have a check.

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