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How to remove foreign objects from child's eye?

Please tell me what to do when foreign objects get into my kid's eyes?
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  • Cary Green


    If you find some foreign objects in child's eye, you need make him not rub the eye with his hand. You can try to use clean towel to get foreign objects out. You have to remember that the towel must be clean. If it is possible, you can boil the towel with water for disinfection. Another way is to teach child blink the eyes quickly or cry to produce more tears. Sometimes, the foreign objects will fall out with the tears.
  • Gail


    If your child happen to get a foreign object in their eyes, you shall flushing their eyes under water first to wash the foreign objects out. Or you shall let her/him raise their head and let him/her open their eyes as wide as possible and try to find the foreign objects out. If you can't help your child get out of foreign objects, you shall take the child to doctor immediately.
  • Alexa


    There are a large number of foreign materials that has the possibility to enter people's eyes every day. It's easy for people to remove and prevent them from eyes. However, the young children wouldn't able to do the same thing as adults. Hence, their parents could help infant to remove those objects from their eyes. Firstly, you have to wash your hands before touching kids' eyes. Then, you should inspect kid’s eyes carefully with gently lifting the lid, and take the specialized solution for washing eyes. Next, you could flush out kid’s eyes, and spreading opens his/her eyelid to find out the foreign material. You can continue flushing the area that the foreign material is existed with the solution. After that, you can dry your eyes outside and take a rest for 5 minutes.

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