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What is the best place to buy vintage cat eye glasses?

i LOVE vintage stuff. Although i have good eyesight, i want to buy cat eye glasses with no prescription in order to make me look good. Where can i find cat eye glasses? Any places to recommend?
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  • Savannah


    If you don't want to drive around to look for a pair of cat eye glasses, you can search it online. And i have find many very wonderful vintage cat eye glasses at and Hope this help.
  • Melanie gerard


    I also like vintage cat eye glasses and they do look good on women. Wearing cat eye glasses will add styles to your look. Check out these sites. If you do not like them, you can goggle it and find the site that sell non prescription cat eye glasses you prefer.
  • charmed83


    There are so many good places to buy the glasses, but the best place for vintage cat eye glasses that i know is There are so many different styles and different colors in this website, and you can see the vintage 1950's cat eye glasses which make you unique, and pink cat eye glasses which make you so cute, and also curly black cat eye glasses which make you inward-looking. You can contact with their service representatives, and they are so professional and can help you to choose the proper one, and answer your any question about their production.

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