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What are stylish glasses frames for men in 2012?

I am ready to buy reading glasses for my dad. What are stylish glasses frames at present? What style should i choose?
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  • Hae


    It is so popular to wear the glasses with thick frame in 2012. And you can see so many companies with famous brands also design this kind of glasses. Normally the color of frame is black, and that of legs are yellow or blue, like the colors of candy. GUCCI has designed one style of eyeglass which is comfortable to wear and fashionable. And Prada has the similar one. You can compare with them and choose the better one for you. And also there is roaring one which brand is Giorgio Armani, and the color of frame is black and legs are apple green.
  • Brooke peters


    There are several types of stylish glasses frames for men in 2012. You shall buy it according to your dad' personality. If your dad is a nostalgic person, you can choose small metal glasses frames, horn rimmed eyeglasses frames or tortoise eyeglasses frames for a retro vintage fashion. If your father is a modern fashionable people, you can choose rimless eyeglasses frames, nerd and geek eyeglasses for him. Hope this helps.
  • walksonfloors


    Speaking of stylish glasses, we can not neglect aviator style glasses because they are making a stir in the fashion circle. Most of men prefer aviator style glasses as a fashion statement. You can find aviator glasses frames for prescription glasses, reading glasses bifocal glasses according to your vision needs.

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