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What are good healthy food for dry eyes?

I often get dry eyes and i am looking for natural ways to treat dry eyes. Are there any foods that are good for dry eyes.
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  • Luke shelley


    Dry eye is directly related to the underlying health condition of the entire body, according to some experts. Regular daily intake of some key nutrients can help prevent or relieve the symptoms of dry eyes. You are recommended to drink enough pure water which is the most essential nutrient for the human body. And you should eat foods rich in essential fatty acids, antioxidants, potassium and zinc. So there are a lot of foods you can choose such as berries, bananas, wheat germ, pecans, avocados, fish, mushrooms,kelp, dulse and so on.
  • Benjamin gary


    First, you can eat more food rich in vitamin A, such as liver, milk, egg, green leafy vegetables, carrots, and sweet potatoes, if you lack of vitamin A, your eyes will feel dry, fatigue. Second, vitamin B2, such as mushrooms, kidney, these are good for your eyes. Third, vitamin C, this is very beneficial to our eyes, so you should intake more foods rich in vitamin C. In addition, tomatoes, leeks, medlar, green peppers, apricots, dates are also good for your eyes, especially for people who always work before computer. In addition, you should not eat spicy food. But if you have dry eyes, you still need to take timely treatment to avoid serious consequences.
  • Theron


    The dry eye means there is no enough quantity of tears stay in eyes. There are many ways to treat it. Some of them are effective with side effect. Hence, we can treat and prevent dry eye from daily diet. Cold-water fish, like salmon, tuna, is good for dry eye, because it contains a large number of omega-3 acids, which relief dry eye syndrome. And flaxseed can enrich and fortify people's tear film to treat dry eye. Another good and health food is walnuts, which also offers a good source of omega-3 fatty acids. It's convenient and common for people to eat at any place at any time. On the other side, the flaxseed can be found in supplement or nutrition. You can put it into a drink or a salad to absorb it.
  • jill


    You should eat plenty of fresh vegetables and fruits which can increase the intake of vitamin A, B1, C, E. These foods are helpful such as soy products, fish, milk, walnuts, green vegetables, cabbage, spinach, tomatoes and fresh fruit. Vitamin C can effectively inhibit oxidation. The main affections of vitamin E are to lower cholesterol, clear body waste, prevent cataracts. Walnuts and peanuts are rich in vitamin E. Vitamin B1 can be protect nerve and green leafy vegetables contain a lot of vitamin B1.