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Jordyn adams


Where can i buy black glasses like seth rogen's?

I like the black glasses that seth rogen wears. Can you tell me where can i find such black glasses?
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  • Randy C


    Well, it seems that you like the type of black glasses seth rogen likes to wear right? Personally speaking, I find them quite attractive and amazing, and type of what he wears is called nerdy glasses which have been very popular in the world. I myself have got a pair. So, you can find loads and loads of them at nearly every optical stores, or you might as well have a look at Alibaba where millions of them gather.
  • Logan quick


    If you like the black glasses that seth rogen wears, you could go to the near eyeglasses to have a look. You could also go to the online stores to have a look. You could go to the amazon and ebay to have a search because the products there are many. You may search such type.