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Eye pain, floaters, headaches

I recently just started getting floaters in my eye the beginning of March they've been constant ever since. I've also seen 3 different eye drs they checked me everything was normal & now IM getting these other weird symptoms like burning of my eyes they're very fatigue they are very sensitive to light especially when im outside on a sunny day. They just always feel heavy & weary i don't kno what to do i can't go back to the eye Dr i no longer have insurance it's really affecting my daily routine it bothers me so much & my body also always feels fatigue too.i way healthy i take daily vitamins. Does anybody know what this could be? I also take visine eye drops alot cuz i wad thinking it was just dry eye but i feel like its something much worse. Thankyou
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  • Kelley


    As far as i know, the eye floaters is normal for people who suffered from myopia or presbyopia. Although they are troublesome and affect your affect, eye floaters are harmless. And eye floaters are not steadily, they come and go themselves. You'd better ignore it and get used to it. Besides, you said that you fell burning eyes and are very sensitive to light especially when im outside on a sunny day, it is normal for most of people. In fact, almost everyone have the problem of burning and sensitivity to light in the sun. You can solve this trouble by wearing sunglasses. In addition, you shall not use visine eye drops again. In fact, visine eye drops is applied to eye allergy and eye infection sometimes. So, the eye drops are not work for your eyes condition and make your eyes more worse. If you want to treat dry eyes, you can use some lubricating eye drops. Hop this can help you.
  • Justin


    Yeah,I can't agree with u more cuz I am also suffering from this.Everything seems so terrible.I don't feel quite well,honestly.However,I don't worry about this too much cuz this will never affect ur vision,trust me.U really need to relax and everything will just get better and better.I have to admit that sometimes a piece of large eye floater will definitely cause trouble to ur normal daily life cuz it will cover part of ur vision.At this time,I usually try to focus on some object and then I will feel a little better.U might as well try this.I think since there is no way out of this.We need to have a good life such as get enough sleep every day.