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What does cellulitis of the eye look like?

Can u guys tell me what cellulitis of the eye looks like?I have totally no idea of this.
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  • cocreative


    Cellulitis is a common skin infection. But it is a potentially serious skin infection. However, i never heard that potentially Cellulitis happen in the eyes. Maybe it may happen on the skin around the eyes. And usually, Cellulitis can cause swollen and red on the the skin. And it may spread rapidly. So, people suffered of cellulitis of the eye may got a swollen and red eyes.
  • Gillian


    Well,at the beginning,ur eyes will be swollen,red and sometimes u will even feel itchy.But don't care about this too much.These r really very common symptoms and u just need to take some measures to stop these from happening again or try to get urself recover soon.If u don't ay enough attention to this,ur situation will just get worse and worse.I think this may be the last thing u want to se.