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rommel abad


Do contact lenses dissolve in my eyes?

I just can't find the contacts in my eyes. Is it possible that contact lenses dissolve in the eyes.? Or what's wrong with my eyes and contact lenses?
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  • Joanne McAlpine


    It is not possible for the contact lenses to dissolve in the eye except the really high temperature. However, you could not find the contact in the eyes. It may be caused that the contact lenses slip off under you unconscious state. The contact lenses are easily fallen off the eyes. Or it is so sticky that you find it with great difficulty. You should keep the eyes moisture.
  • colddaz


    LOL, pls no worries, because the contacts lenses will not dissolve in your eyes. I have been wearing contacts for about 5 years, and I never heard that the lenses will dissolve in our eyes. There is two possibilities, namely, you in fact have put off your contacts, but you forgot and "think" the lenses are still in your eyes. On the other hand, maybe during wearing the contacts, while rubbing your eyes, your lenses have been dropped off, but you do not know and notice. No matter what has happen, what you should do first is that you should go to your eye doctor and he will help you to know whether the contacts are still in your eyes. If your contacts are still in your eyes, the optometrist will help you get out them of your eyes. If not, your eyes will be disorder, because they maybe get infected and some other disease. What's worse, if you do not get the lenses out of your eyes, your eyes maybe get blinded at last. Good luck.
  • Kyle kirk


    Well, generally speaking, your contact lenses will not dissolve in your eyes, for all contact lenses are made from substance. For your situation, you may need to go and see a doctor as soon as possible. Maybe it can be dangerous for your eyes, and it can lead to eye infection too. Besides, you should know that Problems associated with contact lens wear may affect the eyelid, the conjunctiva, the various layers of the cornea, and even the tear film that covers the outer surface of the eye. Dry eyes and other eye diseases can occur. Also, Long-term contact lens wear appears to decrease the entire corneal thickness and increase the corneal curvature and surface irregularity. Anyway, just go and see your eye doctor as soon as possible.
  • Franziska Fetherston


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