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Why do people like to wear contacts rather than wearing glasses?

I think wearing contact lenses everyday is so boring. But I saw many people like to wear contact lenses no matter they are poor vision or good vision. What makes them prefer taking contact lenses rather than wearing eyeglasses?
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  • Gabriel leonard


    The reason why many people prefer wearing contact lenses rather than taking eyeglasses is so simple that the contact lenses may make them look beautiful and charming at the eyes. As the accessory, the contact lenses may not let them look nerd which is shown when wearing the eyeglasses, especially for those with high prescription. In addition, wearing contact lenses is more convenient to do things in daily life than wearing eyeglasses.
  • Anthony cecil


    Various methods are available for correcting eye vision, the most popular one is wearing contact lenses. Compared with general glasses, people can be better satisfied by wearing contact lenses due to aesthetic reasons. And people who have perfect eyesight also can wear cosmetic contact lenses to improve their performance. It can correct myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism and presbyopia, as general glasses. And it is more convenient for people to wear when they are playing sports, and it reduces the risk of eye injury. Next, it is easy to take and bring due to its small quantity. What is more, it is cleaner for people to wear contact lenses due to it has shorter usage period, and it need remove and clean each day.
  • Austin gerard


    First of all, I think most people prefer contact lenses to eyeglasses because wearing contact lenses is more convenient. Contact lenses are directly in touch with people’s cornea. When you are wearing contact lenses, you don't have worry about that the glasses will fall off and the lenses will be broken. While when you are wearing eyeglasses, it may happen quite often. Secondly, some people may fell uncomfortable with eyeglasses as it may add pressure on nose and skin around eyes. And the eyeglass lenses are easy to dirty when in a situation with stream or dust or anything else. One more reason, some people may think wearing contact lenses is prettier. They might think without a frame on face it may looks more attractive. And as contact lenses are made into different colors, it also can be kind of direction. That why people like to wear contact lenses even they have good vision.