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Why are some women attracted to men wearing glasses?

I just do a small search to women around me. And most of them like men wearing glasses because they think they are gentlemen. Why?
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  • David cook


    Wearing the eyeglasses will make the men look gentle, learned and so on. In a word, the eyeglasses are regarded as the accessory to make them more successful. Maybe too many successful businessmen are wearing eyeglasses which leave the fixed thinking that the men wearing the eyeglasses are more charming and cool.
  • Ana evelyn


    Your question is very interesting and insightful. I will totally agree with your friends' opinion. You know, unisex is a kind of popular trend nowadays. Most of the women like the feminist saying. They like to be strong and dashing just like men. Women even want to control their own life other than just follow the idea of their husband. Some women think, if they are mellow enough, the unisex decoration will even increase the sex appeal from the comparison of the two features coincidence appear in her body. Now, can you understand what the mean of such attracted glasses wearing way?
  • Caleb


    Actually, this is quite a subjective question. Different people have different kinds of point of view right? But as you have said, according to your survey, most women around you prefer men with glasses. And I also have the same opinion, because when a man wears glasses, it makes him appear to be a little bit low-profile, which makes women want to stay with, they give women a sense of security. But you should not be affected by their views, should you? Anyway, your prince charming may be waiting in the near future.
  • wind


    Men who wear glasses and a nice suit give people the impression of well educated and refine gentlemen.
    Not like some immature boys or rough guys who beat up their girlfriend.