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Are arnette sunglasses made in china?

I saw some arnetter sunglasses in China when i am on business trip. Are arnette sunglasses also made in China?
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  • Jackson raphael


    Many big brand eyeglasses are printed with the mark of "made in china" because China has their branching companies. About the Arnette sunglasses which should be made in America, they may be made in China. But I am not sure. If you have one with the mark of "made in china", you could ask the detailed information from the clients in the franchise store where you buy it.
  • Erin rupert


    I am not sure. But i heard that arnette sunglasses are in American. But i still see some arnette sunglasses sold in China. Anyway, i think the arnette sunglasses are cool. If you want to buy a pair, you can go their official websites Besides, i also see some at Hope this help you. Good luck.