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Who can tell me where fendi sunglasses are made?

Is there anyone who knows fendi sunglasses? Can you tell me where are they made?
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  • andrew


    Talking about the brand of Fendi which is from Italy, they are the great luxurious clothing brand. However, the fendi sunglasses become more and more fashionable, receiving a lot of population among the young people. Some real ones are made in America where has the branch processing companies. In a word, the fendi sunglasses are good at both the quality and the design.
  • cwalsman


    Well, as a matter of fact, Fendi is an international luxury brand which is established in Italy. Actually, it is famous for its good quality goods, and currently, it has become one of the most competent brand in the world. Now, it has got a variety of goods. Since it wanted to cut overheads so they set up their facotries in Italy, so it is made in Italy. If you really have a big budget, you may choose to buy it. Personally speaking, fendi is really nice!