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What is it like to wear glasses at the first time?

Is there anyone who wears eyeglasses tell me what your feeling when you first time worn eyeglasses? I am going to buy eyeglasses for vision aids. Can you share with me your experience of first wearing eyeglasses?
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  • scott burnham


    I did not get glasses until I was in college, but the first time wearing glasses is something I will never forget. The first time the optician put them on me I was instantly put into a crystal clear world that felt like it was in high definition. Once I got outside I could not believe how much better I could see: trees had individual leaves, I could recognize people and read things from a distance and colors were much more vivid with greens and blues being so much more green and blue, before they had looked washed out. I was like most people when they first start wearing glasses and that is I felt self conscious and nervous being seen wearing them. I felt as though people were staring at me and as a test I went into a store that I was in a lot to see if anyone would say anything, when no one did my confidence was boosted. However, when I was walking out I ran into a neighbor and she instantly asked me when did I start wearing glasses, when I told her today was the first day, she told me they looked great! and I would remember the next couple days and weeks for the rest of my life and I have. When I got home my sister was there and up till now she had been the only one in the family to wear glasses and had done so for years, she told me my glasses looked good on me, welcomed me to the club and told me she no longer felt like an outcast or different now that I too was wearing glasses.
    The next day was the first full day of wearing glasses and I was still self conscious and nervous being seen wearing my glasses, but everyone who saw me complimented my on how they looked and asked how long I had been wearing them and when I told them today was the first real day those that wore glasses themselves gave me some pointers and advice and I felt like I had been brought into some exclusive club. That first day seemed to go on forever, and I was glad when it ended. The next day was easier than the previous one was and each day was easier still and within a few weeks I was completely at ease wearing my glasses, although I still got nervous when I would see family and friends for the first time wearing my glasses and fielding their endless questions, but each day brought more confidence. Within a few months I and everyone who knew me was used to my new look and I thought little about my glasses. The one thing that still bothered my was I was seeing the frame of my glasses in my field of view and it felt like I was looking thru little windows. My eye doctor told me I would get used to it, but I was beginning to wonder if I ever would. Then one day about a month and a half after I started wearing glasses the frame of my glasses simply disappeared and I now longer felt like I was looking thru my glasses anymore and this is when I knew I was completely used to wearing glasses.
  • Cassidy


    Well, actually, let me tell you my personal experience. When I was a naughty boy, a 13 year old, I was nearsighted, and could not see things clearly, so one day , I felt it urgent for me to get a pair of glasses. So, when I got my prescription glasses, and put in on me. Somethings dramatic happened, can you believe it? My world, I mean, my whole world, everything around me became much more clear, crystal clear,and they are all vivid than ever. Well, I really enjoy that kind of feeling. So, if you really need one pair, just go there and get yourself a pair.
  • Jose joyce


    It is just the same as before from the appearance, adding a pair of eyeglasses on your eyes. You will see things more clearly, with no blurry vision. In addition, you will look learned and successful because wearing eyeglasses will leave people such impression. However, you may not be accustomed to wearing eyeglasses at first time. But you will get used to it.
  • Robert ja


    I am myopia. I clearly remember the situation when I first wore glasses. The world becomes clear and the light was transparent. I cannot hold to see far away, everything is bright. Then, I looked around the store, I felt dizzy. The assistant told me that was because of the change of my depth perception, so I have to take care while walking. Another advice for you is that you might feel discomfort around ears and on the nose bridge. Ask the assistant to adjust, let it suit your face. Finally, when you go out firstly wearing glasses, you might think that other are staring at you. Just relax! Most people have problem with their eyes, like myopia, hyperopia and cataract, and in which most of them are wearing glasses. PS. Do not forget to clean your glasses regularly.
  • juen


    When you first put on your new glasses you won't believe how clear and sharp everything is and you won't want to take them off. Then the hard part starts: being seen by family and friends in glasses. you will feel embarrassed and uncomfortable at first, but after everyone you know or care about has seen you in glasses it becomes easier and within a month it's like you have always worn them. You will know you are used to seeing with glasses when you no longer see the frame and it's like you not looking through glasses but just your eyes.

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