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Are special effect contact lenses safe to wear?

I saw some people wear scar or other horrible contact lenses for a special effects especially in drama. Are such special effect contact lenses safe to wear?
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  • hand_in__hand


    Well, it totally depends on what kind of functions the special contact lenses you just mentioned serves. Sometimes, some kinds of contact lenses are special because they make people appear to be more beautiful, providing different colors and make eye look bigger. That sounds great right? However, there are always consequences of wearing them. Some of them have some side effects. For example, some lenses give rise to bacteria, which is able to produce parasotes inside their eyes, really horrible right? So, think it through before deciding to wear them all right?
  • Marissa george


    Except for those who have the trachoma or other eye disease, the special effect contact lenses are suitable for most people. However, you should keep the good habit of hygiene. Wash your hands often. Not wear them more than eight hours a day. You must keep the contact lenses in the solution every night.
  • Jocelyn


    Yes, they are safe if wearing them properly to reduce the risk of potentially serious problems. Special effects contact lenses contain images that alter the appearance of the eyes, for example, they can change dark eyes to blue. All contact lenses users have to remove and clean their lenses as instructed. Also, serious problems can develop if special effects contact lenses are not fitted properly.
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