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Can i play airsoft with glasses?

I am going to play with airsoft. Can i do that with my eyeglasses? Is it safe?
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  • Noah rupert


    Yes, it is safe to wear the eyeglasses during the airsoft activity. The wearing of eyeglasses may help you see things clearly. However, there should be the special goggles with prescription for the airsoft sports. You may ask the clients whether they have one. If not, you can just wear your eyeglasses which are also OK.
  • giles


    Of course you can, the airsoft names the word air added soft, it is not so strong or hard to broken your eyeglasses. However, as for the strenuous exercises or sports, we suggest you wearing resin or lighter glasses as well as contacts. It will be flexible and easy for you when you move with them; anyway, they are not so easy to broken or crash. Ok, go ahead to enjoy your time!


    You can go air-soft with your eyeglasses, but you'd better wear goggles at the same time. There will some tiny little fragment of bullet, unknown objects and even dust on the shooting ground. At the time of shooting, these fragments may hit you eyeglass and fracture the lenses. In that situation you eyes can be hurt. So you'd better wearing goggles. Another thing is air gun, especially air riffle will generate different degrees of recoil at the time of shooting and the longer the shooting range is the stronger the recoil is. When you do shooting with riffle, it is quite possible that you will touch the butt with your cheek, so that there is possibility that you eyeglass will fracture by the vibration. It sounds exaggerate but it could really happen. So choose eyeglasses with unbreakable lenses if you have to wear.