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Can you use sun glasses with contact lenses?

Is there a problem?Can you damage your eyes?If nothing happens, can be any type of sun glasses?Thanks in advance ^ ^
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  • Tallulah


    You can wear non-prescription sunglasses with your contact lenses if you go outdoors, which can not only give you clear vision but also protect your eyes from being damaged by UV rays. When you choose sunglasses, don't care the price or brand, the only thing you must pay attention to is whether the sunglasses can give you full protection. So you should choose the sunglasses with a label saying "100% UV".
  • Samirah


    Of course you can. It won't damage your eyes if you wear non-prescription sunglasses over your contact lenses. You'd better get the sunglasses which have a label saying "100% UV " or "400 UV". Theses kind of sunglasses can give you full protection from harmful UV rays.

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