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Jason lester


Do reading glasses reduce the light that enters an eye?

I suffer from Photophobia, which means my eyes are sensitive to light. I need to wear sunglasses indoors, but I am perceived as anti-social... or people think I am on drugs. I have noticed that my reading glasses actually reduce the amount of glare from my computer... so I am buying some non-magnified glasses to wear indoors.
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  • Jocelyn


    reading glasses may help a little for your Photophobia . Most glasses have the function of block light,more or less . You can have a try . It is quite normal to wear sunglasses indoors or you can choose the photochromic sunglasses which is almost clear indoors. Hope these can help!
  • Brittany dale


    Not all eyeglasses can prevent lights. If you want your reading glasses reduce the light that enters to your eyes, you shall ass your reading glasses with anti-glares coating. With such anti-glare coating on the lenses, the can filter the lights, glares so as to prevent these lights to your eyes. If you needn't vision aids, you can buy non prescription glasses that can protect the eyes from sensitive to light.