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Noah james


Do you know how long will eye dilation drops last?

I went to have an eye exam this morning and the doctor put the eye dilation drops in my eyes. A few hours later when I looked at the mirror, I found they remain there. Can you tell me how long will eye dilation drops last?
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    It will depend on the types, the strengths, and the dosages of the eye drops that the doctor use to treat specifical problems. If you have a routine eye exam, it only requires less dilation and milder drops. So in this case, it usually lasts for 2-10 hours. However, there are individuals whose eyes are sensitive to dilation drops. So their eyes may stay dilated for 24 hours or more.
  • Elvis Presley


    In most cases, the eye dilation drops will last for several hours depending on different types of eye drops. Eye drops that are often used for children before an eye exam and occasionally for adults who have inflammation result from contact lens injuries, eye trauma, or autoimmune diseases may last for several days.
  • andrew


    It depends on the purpose that they are used to. If they are used for a regular exam, they may last between 4-6 hours. If they are used to treat some other eye problems, they may last even longer. Some people will find their eyes remain dilated for several days.
  • walksal0ne


    When I get my eyes dilated for an eye exam, it lasts for a day. However, everyone is different. Some people will find their eyes only remain dilated for several hours. You should just take it easy and rest until your eyes become normal.
  • carter


    It depends on the type of drop and how many drops were used,Usually it can last 2-10 hours. Just take it easy and rest, listen to some music or talking to a friend on the phone until you can see straight.
  • Faith fergus


    your eyes will usually stay dilated for several hours but it could be up to several days. Good luck and remember, after the first time, you will probably have a fairly good idea of what to expect in the future. You can always request weaker drops be used. Sometimes eye doctors will use repeated dosing of multiple drops to speed things up. That can be pretty convenient for the optometrists and the patients since it gets out without having to sit for extended amounts of time waiting for the eye drops to kick in. Sometimes sitting around for 30-60 minutes using one dose is much preferred to waiting two weeks for the dilation effect to wear off.

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