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What should I do if I have big difference of prescription in both eyes?

My left eye is 1.0 but right eye is only 0.1 and it is still worsening. The doctor said I am not suitable to wear glasses. What can I do to maintain my vision and keep my right eye from getting worse?
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  • Faith fergus


    Since you have big difference of prescription in your both eyes, it is not suitable to wear glasses because you may get different size of images with the glasses on, which will make you feel uncomfortable. It will cause strabismus and amblyopia after a long time. If you are suitable for contacts, you can only get one lens for your left eye.
  • elpropio


    You can get your glasses with non-prescription in one lens and correct prescription in the other lens. What's more, you should pay attention to your eye health to prevent it from getting worse. Spending less time watching TV and playing computer and doing more outdoor activities will help you protect your eyesight.
  • Alexa joyce


    There is no much difference of prescription in your both eyes. You can wear contact lenses to treat your problem. Only get one contact lens in your left eye, which will help you see better and won't cause damage to your right eye. Nowadays there are so many people wearing one contact lens to correct their vision. And your doctor may also recommend you to choose contact lens.
  • catchingthought


    It is better to have an eye exam to find out the true reason that causes poor vision. If it is caused by refractive error, you can't wear regular glasses because you will see different size of objects in both eyes. You can wear RGP contact lenses.
  • Jack Kevin


    The issue is that one eye sees a picture of one size and can someone do my assignment the other eye sees a picture of an alternate size.