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measuring bridge-distance on eyeglasses ordering online?

I ordered two pairs of eyeglasses recently from Zenni optical online (first time purchasing eyeglasses online) they had the same bridge distance as my previous glasses which fit me well. However the ones I ordered online are too small for my nose the bridge distance is the same but there is less space between the clear plastic pieces on either side of the bridge than there was on my old pair of glasses which is why the new pairs of glasses of too small for me.1. When buying glasses online how do I know if they will fit my nose fine when (as I've found) measuring the bridge alone won't tell me? The online glasses shops don't give any other measurements for the nose area of the glasses that they sell.2. Is there a way to adjust the position of the clear plastic nose-pieces on each side of the bridge? I've tried pushing them back, but they won't budge easily and I don't want to break my new glasses thanks very much
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  • Serafina


    Generally speaking, if you order your glasses with your correct prescription, it can fit you fine. If you are unsure whether your glasses frame will fit you, you can try them on in the store in advance. And remember the brand and model number of them, then you can order them online for a cheaper price. If you want to adjust your glasses frame, make sure whether the frame can be healed or not. If it can be done, you can warm it to some extent and then adjust your frame little by little until it fits you well. Hope this helps.

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