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Can insomnia cause bloodshot eyes?

Is it possible to get bloodshot eyes because of insomnia? If so. How can i treat the bloodshot eyes?
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  • Austin shelley


    Well, yes, it is possible to have bloodshot eyes when you get insomnia. According to some researches, if you have insomnia, you may have bloodshot eyes, dark circles under your eyes, look pale. Also, it can lead many other diseases on your body, such as high blood pressure, heart attack. So just be careful when you get it. Maybe you need to go and see a doctor so that he can give you the exam, and medical cares. Also, you should know that bloodshot can be because of the lack of sleep and the stress. So having a rest is a good way. put some ice on your eyes, it will relieve the symptom. also, the eye drop is effective.
  • Robert ja


    If you experienced insomnia once and also very serious, then I think you will get the bloodshot eyes. As we all know, when we are sleeping, both of us and our eyes are having rest so that we can have enough energy next day. If you do not sleep well the last night, your eyes would not have a good rest and also your eyes will get dry and if the dry eyes last long, you will get the bloodshot next morning. As to the wayside to clear the bloodshot, I think the easiest way for you is that you can have enough sleep then the bloodshot eyes will disappear within one or two days. However, if you often experience the insomnia, then the bloodshot maybe not caused by it, then you should find some other reasons, such as lacking of vitamins and so on. Hope you get rid of the bloodshot ASAP.
  • Luis


    Yes, it is possible for you get bloodshot eyes because of insomnia. When you have the insomnia, there may be the disorder in the body work. You may have many side effects for the body, such as unhealthy diet, losing weight and so on. However, your eyes may have the big effect. The lack of nutrient in the body will cause the eyes to be dry. When you have the serious insomnia problems, the dry eyes may cause the bloodshot eyes because of the intense eye nerves and high eye pressure. However, you'd better have the good rest for the eyes by having a good sleep. Then you should eat more food with vitamin to keep the eyes moisture. I strongly suggest you to go to the hospital to accept the medical treatment. You could also use the eye drops as the home treatment to get rid of the inflammation of the eyes to release the bloodshot eyes.