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Why do i see better with contacts than glasses?

In recent days, i bought a pair of contact lenses. And i find that i can see better with my contact lenses than my prescription glasses. Why?
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  • walkingtragd


    Yes, you can see better with contact lenses than prescription glasses. Because eyeglasses are usually about 12 millimeters from the eye, however, contact lens is positioned directly on the tear film of the eye. Therefore, the power of a contact lens will be less than the eyeglass prescription for the right eye, thus you can see better with contact lenses.
  • Jada


    Because there is no frame on your nose pad that you need to choose the clothes to match with, you will be more beautiful when wearing the contact lenses than wearing the glasses. Many short sighted people now tend to wear the contact lenses for the vision. At the same time, they will look good. As the accessory, the contact lenses are really good choices.
  • handwithlighter


    Well, generally speaking, it is very normal to have this kind of experience. And as we know that there may always be a difference in clarity between glasses and contacts. Usually, because contacts are placed directly on the eye, and in that way, the depth perception is improved. So it is very common to have a different power number between glasses and contacts. And for the contacts, you should clean the contact lenses carefully with resolution.