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How to make your eyes look rounder?

Is there anyway to my eyes look rounder and bigger? Any idea?
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  • cheryl


    If you want to make your eyes look rounder, you could try to wear the colored contact lenses. You will find that the round shape of colored contact lenses will not only let your eyes look round but also make your eyes look big. You will be more beautiful through the shining and big eyes.
  • Savannah taylor


    Maybe you are not very content with your eyes. So, sometimes, to be honest, there are no natural ways to make them bigger in size. However, by wearing contact lenses, you will appear to have bigger eyes and rounder eyes. Maybe you should try to have a look at cosmetic colored contacts. There are currently many places that sell these contacts, such as Walmart, which is a good option for you to look at.
  • John clark


    That's quite easy if you know something about make-up. If you have no experience, please follow my suggestion. First of all, go straight to the department store then buy some make-up stuff, such as eyeliner, eye shadow, and mascara,etc. Then you can search some make-up teaching videos, then follow them to draw own eyes. That will be immediately helpful. But as a beginner you may not be smooth to draw the perfect eyes. If you do not fancy make-up, or feel it's hard, I mean for me, it’s really a hard thing because I'm so lazy. Then you can choose to be cosmetic contact lenses. Cosmetic contact lenses can make your eyes be rounder inside, and make-up will make your eyes be bigger. If you want both of them, just do that all.