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what kind of sunglasses fit my face?

I do not know exactly cuz my face is so long .
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  • 04/14/2012

    go to a glasses shop ,ask opinions and you can also try different types of sunglasses .pick the one you feel the most beautiful on you.
  • Faith


    Try tall frames that help create a shorter face, or broad frames with an accented top rim. At the same time, avoid all frames that may accentuate face length. Check out for more knowledge about how to choose suitable frames for yourself.
  • Joanne McAlpine


    You can have a look on this website I think you may have the oblong face. There are some suggested sunglasses listed below the oblong face. If you think it is not your face shape, you can choose other face shapes that are similar with yours. The sunglasses listed below can go well with the face shape, you can have a try in any eyeglasses stores. Good luck!
  • Lex


    You can have a look at This article is very interesting because it listed many kinds of face shapes and have them wear a pair of sunglasses as well. Maybe the fourth pair of sunglasses is fit for you. Hope this helped!
  • Ryan evelyn


    I have found this on the internet for you. there are some kinds of face shapes. After clicking the face, you can have a good understanding of this kind of face shape. And there are some glasses listed below to give you suggestions. If you think they are useful, you can have a try.