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Can anyone help me with a pair of sunglasses?

I have long been looking for sunglasses with round frames with purple crystals.?If you have seen the Disney movie "Hercules" are the glasses that uses Hermes, the god that flies.?I have long been looking for them, but can not find them, I hope you can hel
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  • cute_lil_ambie


    Maybe you have to visit Disneyland in the United States. My roommate is working in Disneyland. I can ask her whether she can find this kind of sunglasses or not.
  • carter


    I know Disney has made many cartoon film. But the stuffs in the film are not real. At least you can't find them in your life. And most of the things are made up by people. So where can I find the same thing for you? I am asking the question. Don't be so silly.
  • campbell


    I don't like them. I don't know where to buy them. But, if they exist, you may possibly find it in any big eyeglasses stores or children' toy stores. Good luck!