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What advantages do you have sunglasses with tinted windows facing the usual

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  • 04/14/2012

    Sunlight is unpolarized and implies that if there is not a screen you reach the retina the same intensity with which expels its energy.?On average, the lenses let pass a 50% intensity, reflecting the same, being able to absorb the radiations that are in t
  • handshakedevon


    Do you mean what advantages the sunglasses have when compared with the tinted window? Of course there are big differences between these two different things. Sunglasses can block UV rays of the sun while tinted window can't do this for you. Though tinted window and sunglasses both have colors, I have never seen some house will have the same color as sunglasses have, because when we are in the outside, dark sunglasses can protect our eyes for the harsh sunlight and filter the glare for us so the color need to be darker. Though the tinted window can filter some sunlight for us, our house need some light to keep bright so the color of sunglasses is darker than the window.
  • Matthew


    Maybe even a pair of glass sunglasses is not made by the glass that can be used for window making. Though both of them can be called glass, they have different density. I think the quality of the glass which is used for sunglasses making is better than the glass which is used for window making.
  • Alexa joyce


    If you mean what advantage the sunglasses have when compared with a pair of common glasses, I'd like to tell you that they are of different use and they have different functions. A pair of prescription sunglasses can block the harmful UV rays as well as correct your vision problems. A pair of common glasses can just correct your vision problems.
  • Riley


    The sunglasses have color on their lenses while the common glasses don't have color. When you are in the outside and especially when it comes to a very hot day, the sunglasses can filter the glare of the sun and make your eyes feel more comfortable while the common glasses can't do this, you have to narrow your eyes to protect your eyes from the harsh sunlight.