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the True risk of sunglasses sold in the street

The price difference is staggering between trade and street legal ... But it is SO REAL that sunglasses on the street causes damage?, I mean that information always comes out ... but do not protect from damage?. . I mean to walk with those lenses.It is t
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  • 04/13/2012

    It is fake sunglasses sold in the street that hurts you.?since I saw a documentary on Discovery where they tested glasses and glasses street brands ..?and like the street and protecting brand the same was the only diffrent lenses look brand ...?but kept t
  • ellochkablecy


    It is true that most of the sunglasses sold in the street provide no good UV protection for you eyes and would damage your vision to the contrary, because their lenses are just lousy and just have good appearance. However, a lot of quality sunglasses are quite affordable now, typically, a pair of them would just cost you 30 bucks or so, thus, just try to get them on the internet, such as eBay, where a lot of cheap stuff is on offer.
  • Mariah shelley


    Poor quality, easy to be damaged. Maybe they will fade after too much exposure to the sunlight. I will not suggest you to buy a pair of sunglasses that sold on the streets. Sometimes even the lenses are made by plastic of poor quality. How can you trust the sunglasses that sold on the street can protect your eyes from the damage of the sun?
  • Stephanie


    If you mean the information often comes out that the sunglasses sold on the street are of poor quality and can't protect our eyes from the damage of UV rays from the sun, you are right and the information is right. You can't get any guarantee if you buy a pair of sunglasses on the street.
  • Austin shelley


    Yes, the sunglasses sold on the street are of poor quality. You'd better buy the qualified sunglasses to protect your eyes because poor sunglasses can't block UV rays or can only filter a small part of UV rays for you. You will develop cataract and macular degeneration as well. Though the sunglasses sold on the street are quite cheap but they can do nothing for you. Why not purchase a pair of good sunglasses in any eyeglasses stores or place an order online. Some sunglasses sold online are with UVA protection as well and the prices are reasonable.
  • Ari


    The sunglasses sold on the street can't correct your vision problems. You may develop some kinds of eye disease because they can't block UV rays for you and protect your eyes. You may suffer from blurry vision and headaches because they can't filter the glare of the sun. If you are a driver, I suggest you not to buy this kind of sunglasses because they may affect your vision and they can't block harsh light when you are driving. If you can't see well, it may cause an accident.
  • Julio G.


    There are so many sunglasses for you to choose. They are very cheap. Besides, they can block harmful UV rays for your eyes. I strongly suggest you to have a look at and the original cost of these sunglasses are $49 but now they are $29. It seems to be a better deal to place an order online when there are some discounts.