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Are the sunglasses cheaper in summer?

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  • 04/12/2012

    It depends ...?in theory, should be the same price,but there are places where you can find at a good price just have to walk a little further
  • 04/13/2012

    In general, if you really schurites (often, a lot of you are missing your view) - it is better to wear glasses!?Points should be perfectly matched (do not skimp here on the glass / plastic on the frame, the computer diagnosis of view - is the eye).?If the
  • Celina


    No, the sunglasses will be more expensive in summer, because many people need them at that time. This theory goes for clothes and shoes. I only bought my first pair of sunglasses in summer because I don't know the theory. After that I often buy sunglasses when there is some celebration hold by that eyeglasses store or place an order online. This will be much cheaper.
  • John Rodriguez


    I think it depends. You can find a pair of cheap sunglasses in summer but maybe they are out of date or have some flaws. And there are always different prices for different sunglasses. If this pair of sunglasses is of poor quality, of course they are much cheaper. So it is hard to say that you can get a pair of really cheaper sunglasses.
  • Matthew harris


    Sometimes you can find some cheap sunglasses in summer. Have you heard about that lower the price can make a bigger profit? So sometimes the stores just use this way to broadcast their products as well as make bigger profit. But as to any physical shops, they won't sell products at lower price in best season. They will sell products at lower price in off season. So if you want to buy a pair of sunglasses online, you'd better place an order when there is some activity or celebrations hold by online stores. If you want to purchase them in any physical shops, I suggest you to buy them in off season. Though you can't wear them at that time, but you can wear them in the next summer and this can save your money.

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