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Do sunglasses without optical highly recognized brand harm ?

Well, I have a brand sunglasses "gazzo". I bought from an optician and cost me € 30 and would like to know if such bad buy them without being "Rayban" or other internationally renowned brands and if it could do harm to hearing.
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  • 04/14/2012

    Of course not.?What they sell the "famous brands" is his fashion design, the brand.? there are also very varied quality, but overall for the eyes are not bad, unless they are scratched and stop you from seeing clearly.?What could affect you is if they gra
  • Kelly gary


    You have to buy recognized brand in specialty stores. I think the sunglasses sold in specialty stores will not be that bad. These stores value their reputation because this brings them more money. And if there is something wrong with the sunglasses you bought, you can ask for help.
  • Nicholas carter


    You can buy what you want. You own the money, so you make the decision. Nowadays there are so many fakes in stores. But some of them are of good quality. The makers just copy big companies' achievements and violate their IPR. If these companies want to punish those makers, they must assort to law. But these companies can do nothing to punish those who buy the fake products.
  • Christian george


    The price is not fair. Some things are so expensive while the cost of these things is very low. So many people will buy fakes on the streets. And there are many companies that making money by violating other' IPR. Though you can buy fakes on the streets without being published, the quality of the product that you buy is uncertain. So buy recognized brand in specialty stores. You can make sure that you will get the good product.

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