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Danielle lewis


Can kidney problems cause bags under eyes?

I heard that kidney problems can appear in eyes. I have eye bags under eyes. Can kidney problems cause any eye bags?
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  • duncan


    Yes, the kidney problems may easily cause the eye bags. Your kidney problems may be caused by the problems of high blood pressure. Thus the eyes surrounding parts will get disorder in the normal blood circulation because of the high eyes pressure. You should use the medicine or other nutritious things to make the kidney problems not that be serious. The diet is so important for the kidney treatment. You should not eat the high protein food which will make your blood plasma not work fluently. You'd better not eat bean products, eggs and lean. What's more, you cannot drink which will stimulate your blood capillary and make the kidney problems get serious. What you should eat is more vegetables, light food and drink more water which will help the excretion of uric acid. If you have the eye bags, you could use the tea bags to cover on the eyes to make it release. You should have the good sleep which will be so important for curing the eye bags.
  • Caroline hill


    There are many causes for eye bags. Yet eye bags don't surely lead to kidney problems.For example, age will develops bags under eyes too. Under eyes bags may indicate that there are some healthy problems other than age. Normally, hormonal changes, dehydration and poor sleeping could cause eye bags and eye swelling.And kidney problem is one of them. If you are young and your are not going through hormonal changes during pregnancy and menstruation, and you sleep well without drinking too much, and your suspect kidney problems, I suggest you to see a doctor at the earliest.