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Can a person create dry eye symptoms?

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  • Kimberly Y


    Dry eye symptoms can be caused by many reasons. They can be caused by aging, hormonal changes, using contacts, some kinds of disease, side effects of some medicines, the environments such as dry heat or a windy climate.
  • Jaime


    I think I can't follow you. Why does a person create dry eye symptoms? If you mean what can cause dry eye symptoms, I can give you some answers. When we stare at computer screens or a book for a long time, we may feel dryness in our eyes because when pay too much attention to the contents, we will forget to blink our eyes as frequently as we used to do. But this doesn't mean we get dry eye symptoms. Dry eye symptoms can be more serious problems. Our eyes can't produce enough tears to lubricate our eyes or they will produce too much tears if there is something wrong with the glands of our eyes. We can apply some artificial tears to lubricate our eyes or drink plenty of water to help relieve the symptoms. As to the more severe conditions, the doctors may perform some surgeries on our eyes.
  • cthier


    Many current contact users may suffer from dry eye symptoms. There are hard contacts and soft contacts. If you are a current contact user, I suggest you to have a look at GP contacts. It is said that this kind of contacts can can maintain water in your eyes and can allow more oxygen to enter the surface of your eyes. You will suffer from less dryness in your eyes. Besides, you can apply some artificial tears to lubricate your eyes from time to time. Artificial tears will not have side effect on your eyes. They are quite safe. They work the same as our tears.