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Can I use Naphcon-A eye drops if I have high blood pressure?

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  • 04/14/2012

    High blood pressure in eyes is not a small problem ,so you should be much careful with it .As I know ,Naphcon-A eye drops combines an antihistamine and a decongestant to provide effective and comfortable relief from the symptoms of allergic conjunctivitis, including watery, red and itchy eyes. unproper use may cause side effect .so better to ask your doctor .
  • Christopher giles


    Alcon Naphcon A Eye Drops are used for eye allergy relief. They can help calm down itching and redness. you can get them at any drug stores but I still suggest you to ask your eye doctor whether they are suitable for you or not.
  • Danielle lewis


    No, you can't use this kind of eye drops. I have seen the warnings of this kind of eye drops. it is said you should ask a doctor before using it if you have high blood pressure. So I think maybe they will have some side effects on people who have high blood pressure. Besides, it also said that if you have other kind of problems such as heart disease, trouble urinating, narrow angle glaucoma, you also should ask a doctor first. If you are sensitive to some ingredients in this kind of eye drops, you'd better not use them. And do not use this solution if they change color or become cloudy.
  • coldnd


    It depends. So consult your eye doctor before using it. In the past, this kind of eye drops can be used only after we get a prescription from our doctor. But nowadays, we can get them in any drug stores. But this doesn't mean we can use them freely. We can see from the warnings that we also should apply this kind of eye drops according to the suggestion of our doctors. Hope this helped!