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Should I wear sunglasses when indoor tanning ?

I tan about 3-4 days out of a week. What I hate most about bed tanning is getting "racoon eyes"(the skin on your face is tan except the skin around your eyes giving the effect) its from the protective eye wear I have on during tanning. Most of my friends do not wear the eyewear during tanning. From what I understand the eyelids are very thin but they do block 45%+(from what ive heard) of UV rays. I want to know if NOT wearing eyewear will damage your eyes?Also how much UV rays do your eye lids block if any at all?Oh yeah and if it is damaging anyone know any good websites I can visit to buy some good eyewear?
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  • Alexander


    Usually the sunglasses with full coating part will block the 90% of the uv rays from the strong sun light for you. You'd better wear the sunglasses when you do the bed tanning. Or else, you may cause the eye problems. You could go to the ebay or amazon to have a look. There are many good sunglasses with some kind of brands.
  • walkingthepaths


    You can wear sunglasses if you think it is convenient to work with them. But sunglasses lenses can dark the environment. You can't see things indoors clearly because there is less light. I think a pair of protective eye wear can protect your eyes from possible dangers. So you'd better wear protective eye wear.
  • Alexander david


    I think a pair of protective eyewear can protect your eyes during your work. If there is something wrong with the protective eyewear, you can talk to the manager and ask them to replace the protective eyewear for all the workers. Dude, there are many kinds of protective eyes sold in eyeglasses stores or optical shops. You can buy what you like if the manager refuses to replace the old protective eyewear.
  • charmed83


    Sunglasses are designed to block UV rays and filter glare and light for our eyes in the outside. Are you suffering from UV rays indoors during your work time? Are there harsh light indoors too? Sorry that I know little about your work. But I guess that the eyewear that you wear can protect your eyes. So you need to protect your eyes during the work. However, sunglasses are a little different from your protective eyewear to some degree. So I don't know whether you can replace your eyewear with a pair of sunglasses. I suggest you to apply some medical treatment or home remedies to relieve your "raccoon eyes" after work.
  • elstrider


    good sunglasses can block 100% UV rays. I think not wearing eyewear will damage your eyes. I am not sure how much UV rays do our eyelids block because we seldom close our eyes when we are awake. So I think eyelids can't help protect our eyes at this point. So we may get damages from UV rays. There are many online eyeglasses stores that you can get a pair of good sunglasses. You can have a look on Firmoo. But I think you may need to buy a pair of suitable goggle to protect your eyes other than a pair of sunglasses. Hope this helped!