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Can i get nutritional recommendation or general advice for good eyecare to improve eye health?

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  • cookie127


    I suggest you to follow a healthy diet. We can take in enough nutrients from our meals. These nutrients can help our body function well. I think we can also have good eye health if we are not picky about food. Though there are various kinds of heath care products on the markets all over the world, I always think that improve our eye health by food is better than by any health care products.
  • Makayla


    You can eat more foods that contain vitamin C, vitamin E. They are good for our eye health. You can eat more green leafy vegetables because they are rich in lutin and zeaxanthin which are good for our eye health too. Besides, the trace elements such as zinc, pepper and so on are also important for our eye health. You can buy health care products when you get older because your body can't digest enough nutrients from the food that you take in at that time, health care products can help increase the amount of nutrients.
  • b3li3ve


    Beta-carotene is a kind of nutrients that is good for our eyes. But it is said that lutein and zeaxanthin give more benefits to our eyes than beta-carotene does. So many people prefer to eat more kale, spinach, romaine lettuce, turnip greens, broccoli, and Brussels sprouts because they are rich in Lutein and Zeaxanthin. In my opinion, both of them are essential for our eye health. And other nutrients are also important to our eye health. The most important thing is to form an overall pattern of diet. This will be better than single foods.
  • Riley eddy


    I think you can improve your eye health by forming a good habit. Don't stay up too late at night. Don't play computer games for a long time. Don't strain your eyes when you have a lot of work to do. Don't rub your eyes with dirty hands. Besides, keeping a healthy diet is also very important for your eye health. Hope this can be useful.