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I suffer from poor vision and lazy eye, any suggestions for eye health?

I am 47 and have had a lazy eye since youth. I also suffer with poor vision and was interested in perhaps nutritional support or herbal nutrition, or other natural help for vision.
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  • Mort


    I suggest you to have your eyes checked by an eye doctor in a hospital. If there are some ways that can treat with your lazy eyes, the doctor will give you some suggestions. And their suggestions are better than what we give at this moment because they know your conditions better. I heard that there is a kind of lasik eye surgery that can cure some vision problems. Maybe it can cure your vision problem too. So you can consult for more information.
  • Mariah


    Nutritional support can improve the health of your eyes while they can't cure your disease. You can wear glasses to help correct your vision problems. Nowadays many people wear glasses to correct their vision problems. Computer screens and TV screens do great damages to our eye health. Many people even develop vision problems in an early age. But people nowadays take in more nutrients than our ancestors while there are more people need eyeglasses. So I think find a way to prevent eyesight from getting bad is as important as find a way to improve eye health.