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Is there anybody who can provide me suggestions on taking customized vitamins for maintaining good eye health?

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  • 04/12/2012

    food containing A or C is good for your eye health . Food high in Vitamin A :Liver,Red Pepper,Sweet Potatoes ,Sweet Potatoes ,Dark Leafy Greens ,Butternut Squash , Cantaloupe ,Dried Apricots ,Lettuce ,Dried Herbs .Food high in Vitamin C :Orange Juice,Peaches,Papayas, Strawberries ,Pineapple


    I think they belong to health care products. And nowadays there are many kinds of health care products sold on the market. You can get them in any drug stores. Usually the salesman can give you some suggestions if you want to improve your eye health. I only know that we shouldn't take too much of them. We'd better eat them according to the suggestions. And it will take some time to get a satisfying result.
  • walkbyfth


    It is so easy to maintain good eye health. You needn't take customized vitamins. You just need to keep healthy diets every day. This can save your money as well as give your eyes enough nutrients. All the nutrients in the health care products can be find in food. If you are not picky about food, you can definitely have good eye health by following healthy diets. However, when you get older, you can take some customized vitamins because your organs can't function as well as they were before. They need more nutrients at that time.

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