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Can dry eye cause blepharitis?

Is it possible to get blepharitis because of dry eyes? Why?
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  • chronojwl


    Yes, it is possible to get bleqharitis because of dry eyes, because dry eye patients have bacterial breeding on their eyelids. At the same time, many dry eye patients suffered with meibomitis. One form of blepharitis is called Posterior blepharitis. The most inside part of the eyelid is infected, and it is caused by the meibomian glands in this part of the eyelid.
  • coldnd


    Yes, dry eye can cause blepharitis. Blepharitis is inflammation of the eyelids. It can be caused by posterior blepharits where the eyelid contacts with the eye. When something affects the meibomian glands, posterior blepharitis appears. One reason that affects meibomian glands is because of rosacea. Rosacea can cause the under-production of oil and result in the insufficient tears to protecting the eye. When you have dry eye, you don't have insufficient tears as well. When this happens, it can cause blepharitis like rosacea. When you have blepharitis, you should keep your eyes clean, use antibiotic creams, use oral antibiotics and steroid eyedrops.
  • Robert murphy


    Yes, it is possible that dry eyes lead to blepharitis. It has been studied that the causes of dry eyes, the deficiency of Androgen sex hormones can also be responsible for blepharitis. The water-deficient dry eyes are existing in many patients. To prevent blepharitis, you need to keep your hands and face clean, do not rub your eyes with dirty fingers or dirty towels. And make sure you do not sleep with makeup.