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Jason lester


How to clean my maui jim sunglasses?

I have a pair of maui jim sunglasses. I put it on my desk for several weeks, now it is covered some ashes and other dirty. Can you tell me how to clean my maui jim sunglasses without causing scratches on the lenses?
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  • clur_08


    The easiest and most direct way is to use the clean cloth and water to wash the maui jim sunglasses and dry it. In order not to scratch it, you may not use the pointed things to touch it. After the washing, you should put it into the eyeglasses case to avoid the dust and so on.
  • george


    It looks like your maui jim sunglasses really need to be cleaned . Well, considering your situation, your sunglasses are not in serious condition, maybe there are just some ashes and dirt on the lenses,so you don't have to be worried about that. My advice for you is that use some hot water to cleanse the lenses and use a soft cloth to softly wipe our the dirt on it. Typically, the problem will be fixed without efforts. But if it doesn't work, just bring them to the store and let the clerk to deal with it.