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Mya harris


How to identify if my Ed Hardy sunglasses are authentic?

I have a pair of Ed Hardy sunglasses. But i don't know if they are real or just a fake because i was just bought them online at a cheap prices. Can anyone tell me how to identify it?
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  • Brandon cook


    First of all, you should know the real brand's printing way which can be found on the internet. Then you check it with the real one on the frame side. Then, you should check the manual work of Ed Hardy sunglasses from the detailed place to see whether it is made smoothly. Last of all, just wearing it to feel the comfort character.
  • Gabriel


    Well, before you do a deal with some else on the Internet for a good merchandise. You should not expect to buy it at a very low price. Since sometimes people try to persuade others into buying fake ones with low prices. Now that you have bought it, what you need to do right now is to contact its after sales service to check if your glasses are real or fake. Also, bear in mind that do not try to buy expensive things at a very low price. It is possible that they are fake ones.