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Caitlin lee


Do prisms glasses help correct strabismus or lazy eyes?

I hear some people use prism glasses which can help them see better than regular eyeglasses. What are they used for? Will the prisms glasses help correct and fix Arabists? thanks!
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  • Caleb murphy


    Usually the persons with strabismus or the lazy eyes are born to be. Only doing the eyes surgery can they get the full recovery. And they need the special eyeglasses such as the prism glasses to help them see the vision. Compared with the regular eyeglasses, the prism glasses are designed at special requirements. The prism eyeglasses may let people see clearly, but not cure their strabismus or the lazy eyes.
  • Jonathan


    The prism glasses don't improve the look of the wears. But they can help the wearer to correct the problems. One of my friend said that the strong prism glasses can help him see better. Anyway, i think you shall contact an optician or an eye doctor. He/she will told you more information about it and they will give you advise if you need prism glasses or not.

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