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Where are diesel sunglasses made? Are they made in china?

Do you know where diesel sunglasses are made? It is great. I want to buy a pair. Are they made in China? How can i judge real diesel sunglasses?
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  • Todd


    The diesel brand is founded in 1978 in Italy, meaning the combination of fashion and wildness. The design of them are really awful, receiving a lot of popularity among the young people. They have the branch companies in China. If they are printed "made in china", they can be true. If you still have doubt, you can go to the franchise store to have a look and ask the clients.
  • Randy C


    I heard that diesel sunglasses are made Italy. but with the globalization, there are moving or opening factories in China. But they still use the same technology to make the same sunglasses or eyeglass as they did in Italy. So, you can also see diesel sunglasses made in China.
  • vishwa uniyal


    please update me why diesel sunglasses are the best. The innovativeness and technology use in diesel they are diffrent from other brand