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leigh sehr


How to use almond oil for dark circles?

I heard that almond oil is good for dark circles. Do you know how to use them to reduce dark circle?
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  • taylor


    Containing a lot of oleic acid,almond oil is one of the most widely used vegetable oil. Being the pale yellow, it has the function of dilution of strong pure essential oil. Besides this, it can protect nourish skin, relieve eczema and get rid of the discomfort. In addition, it can reduce the dark circle by stimulating the blood circulation around the eyes. Thus you could have a try.
  • Cassidy bell


    Actually, almond oil is good for dark circle because it is a natural moisturizer which can provide nutrition to your eyes. It is easy to use them to reduce dark circle. You can put about one spoon almond oil and 0.15 gram pearl power. And then, use the spoon to mix them until they absolutely mix together. Finally, it is time for you to put some mixture around your eyes gently and then close your eyes to have a rest. After 15 minutes, you can wash your eyes with cold water or warm water. Also you can just apply the almond oil on your eyes and then do a message for your eyes to help your eyes absorb the almond oil efficiently. But before you use almond oil ,you must test you skin to make sure that it is suitable for you to use it and will your skin be allergic to it.If your skin is not allergic to it ,you can use it without hesitation.